Monthly Archives: January 2013

Elisions of Race – Django and Lincoln and the N-Word

In Django Unchained, the “N-Word” occurs 109 times. Occurs? Is used? (Look at how awkward that statement is; it’s an active sentence about a word spoken, but without a speaker doing the action.) I twitch to imagine Tarantino saying the word himself. It just sounds wrong. It sounds like some clumsy white dude trying to sound cool while he hangs…

WHYR 96.9 Community Radio Baton Rouge – Third Place

Since the summer, I have volunteered for a radio show called Third Place on WHYR 96.9 Baton Rouge Community Radio. A “third place” is a public, non-commerical place where people engage in civic discourse about important ideas and issues. The show is something like a local left-leaning NPR. Initially, everything on the show was pre-recorded and edited,  and now it’s…

Vagina Monologues

Today the WMST-L is discussing having students write their own Vagina Monologues. This recalls the incident a Michigan state representative was banned for saying “vagina” on the floor. All that week I used the word vagina in as many Facebook posts as possible. Women should write their own Vagina Monologues. And they should have some teeth to them.