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kd lang

I have always loved kd lang. I liked her country-punk performance-art style back from Angel with a Lariat. She caught my eye in the 80s with her spiky hair, Buddy Holly glasses, and country-western wear; she was a genre-bending artist as much as a gender-bending one. Somewhere in my Texas life, where I was raised by a family of genuwine…

The World 2.0

* I can’t remember the last time I heard a busy signal. Busy signals disappeared due to voice mail and call waiting, a phenomenon that happened in the 90s. This is an early step in the direction of 24/7 accessibility and connection via new communication technologies. Although, looking backward,  we can say the same thing for the invention of the…

Tea Party Protest Signs and Some Other Stuff

We’ve all seen the tea bag party’s stupid, misspelled protest signs. The signs are painfully hypocritical as they demand in poor English to make English America’s “offical” language. We might even take delight that the anti-anti-war protester who called us all “morans” has become motivational poster. The illiteracy of the tea baggers party is depressing; it underscores how these folks…


Gratitudes: How Do I Work This?

Keeping track of gratitudes helps keep me positive and appreciative. The only rule is people can't be on the list because there are too many to name. Focusing on the small things keeps me mindful. Here's my gratitudes for today.

1. I am grateful for the IT folk at work because they do always help me. (I brought them cookies of gratitude today.)
2. I am grateful to Disability Services for finding an ESL interpreter to come to classes and talk about deaf culture.
3. I’m grateful that my heart stress test and all my other cardio tests came back negative.

Three things I’m excited about:

1. Rome over Christmas! This is where we’re staying.
2. Heroes starting Monday!
3. My lecture .mp3s for my classes have been downloaded 33 times by students!

Another Pro-family Hypocrite

Democrats cheat on their wives too (obviously), but they don’t run on pro-family, pro-marriage, anti-gay platforms. The LA Times reports that California legislator was caught on a hot mic bragging about his sexual escapades. Apparently this man is having affairs with two different women, one of whom is a lobbyist. Go figure. CBS video of Duvall with some of the…

Daniel Striped Tiger

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood has always been special to me. As a kid, I watched it all the time. I was introduced to the show when it moved to PBS. Although I was older than the target audience, I loved it anyway. As an adult, after treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse, I started watching again. People in AA meetings encouraged…