Progress on Cleaning my Study

I know the whole world eagerly anticipates my detailed description of my garbage, so I will appease your curiosity.

Ten things I found today in my file cabinets (some of which were trashed and some kept)

1. My very first D&D character. It was actually AD&D, generated some 15 years ago.

2. Papers from my undergraduate years at UT – Austin.

3. Reading packets from my undergraduate years at UT-Austin.

4. Pictures of the first time I went to Disney.

5. Hershey’s leash (my very first dog “inside” dog; he rescued me from my insanity; I love him and still miss him).

6. My “relapse plan” from treatment when I first got sober in 1988.

7. A cheap, broken computer mouse from who knows when. Nor do I know why it was in my filing cabinet.

8. More transparencies.

9. A paper written by one of my all-time favorite women’s studies students. He was a lovely person and very smart. He committed suicide shortly after my class. I had no idea he was suicidal, he didn’t exhibit any of the signs, at least to me. Very sad.

10. Student loan paperwork from undergrad through grad school days.

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