Mardi Gras 2015

I never fully claimed Louisiana or Baton Rouge as my home, and I never participated in the full spectrum of Baton Rouge Mardi Gras events. These past two weeks I’ve been homesick, missing the festival spirit that consumes the entire state, even the most reclusive among my friends. You’d think the weeks and weeks of Mardi Gras spirit – preparations,…

Your face is frozen

Setting: 7:30 AM, women’s restroom outside of class. Me: Why are you wearing those funny clown eyelashes? Student: I just finished a run around campus. Me: Yes, but what’s that white stuff on your eyes? Her: My breath is frozen on my eyelashes.


Gratitudes: A new day rising

Keeping track of gratitudes helps keep me positive and appreciative. The only rule is people can't be on the list because there are too many to name. Focusing on the small things keeps me mindful. Here's my gratitudes for today.

1. A new semester, crisp and clean

2. Engaged students

3. A new textbook to engaged the engaged students

4. Fresh snow that looks like cotton growing in treetops

5. Blankets and a home to protect me from fresh snow

6. Family

7. Coffee, always coffee

8. People who work hard and do their jobs

9. Old school Bic pens.