Signs of winter in Rhinelander

My first winter in Rhinelander draws near, and it’s only September 10th. That calls for desperate measures. Here are some signs that Winter is Coming: 1.  The snowpocalypse hoax article passed around on Facebook actually fooled me. 2. My students tell me my Fiat Pop could serve as a snowmobile if it’s mounted on skis. 3. Rain boots from Walmart sound appealing. 4. The…

Look! A Link!

Link: Coffitivity

Great productivity tip: is a great website designed to boost productivity. The web app streams different versions of coffee shop sounds as a white noise screen. When I was in college, I learned that some form of white noise helps me work better, and coffee shops made the best white noise. The idea of learning styles somewhat explains why I cannot study with music that contains lyrics. Since auditory is a weak channel for me, it takes too much concentration for me to hear words plus study, so it’s just too distracting. I love coffitivity. What a great idea.

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The Hodag Selfie Project

This blog will now honor the fearsome Hodag, resident of Rhinelander in the Beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin (note: beautiful and Northwoods must be said together; these words are inseparable when referring to this part of Wisconsin). From here forward, you will see featured the Hodag Selfie Project. I am determined to take Selfies with every Hodag in town, a daunting…